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Write Music Where You Want. When You Want.

By 1st April 2018Uncategorised

Recently I have found myself travelling a lot. Not necessarily for work either. My girlfriend Sabine, is currently touring around the U.S.A and Canada for 7 months with the Illusionists and clearly I need to visit from time to time. I just thought I would run down what I take with me on my travel so I can still work fully on projects and not have to take an extra hold baggage for it. 

Ryan Martin Composer

I have my Mac book pro 13inch which has 16BG of Ram and this easily packs into my Protection racket backpack, which I take on the flight as hand luggage. Here is a list of external software that I use with Logic X.

• East West Collection
• Slate Digital
• Steven Slate Drums – SSD 4
• Sibelius 8
• Solemn Tones
• Atruria

A side note regarding the East west collection, it is incredible. It has beautiful solo sample key switch violin patches through to samples from the SILK series for ethnic and eastern samples. It really gives you everything you could need.

Next I pack my M-Audio Key station 49 Key midi-controller. This fits easily into my protection racket travel suitcase. It’s not the full 88 key that I normally work with but it does have the octave buttons on the left to move the range of the keyboard. The only issue I have with this is, I find the keys switch triggers are a couple of steps down on the transpose button so that can take a bit of time to get used to. Apart from that this works perfectly for me when scoring music.

I have my 1TB Seagate hard-drive. This stores all my East west sounds and projects that I am currently working on. This goes into hand luggage.

Now I also have my iPad. Mostly I use this for watching Netflix or listening to music, but I can also use it with Logic X. I have installed on my Mac Book software called “DUET”. This is a mirroring tool. It is also installed on my iPad and I can use elements from Logic X on that screen in sync. Its great when you are spotting a film and you can use the iPad as your TV monitor.

The final piece of the puzzle, which is the MOST important thing for a composer to have, and wow should you forget it. An iLok key. This stores all the information for the license that corresponds with your plug-ins you have. It’s a great idea from the music industry. It means that the developers themselves protect their products but also it means I can load my samples on multiple systems and all I need it my iLok and an active license to use it. Personally I love that.

Hope this shows you that you can work pretty much anywhere as a composer without having to pack for your life.

P.S go and visit Sabines website www.sabinevandiemen.com to read her blog about going through airport security with a whip. Its a MUST read blog.)

Happy travels

Ryan Martin

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